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Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
Mark, I agree this is a good idea.
I've seen it too many times on other forums, were the links get stale & NO MORE pics

Is there a way to embed "attached" pics in the body text? (instead of just having them at the bottom)
Using links to off site, you can sequence; (better for a sequential write-up).
.....etc. (better for a sequential write-up).

You can embed pics into threads, I try to do it all the time because I hate seeing just a clump of pics at the end of a thread.

Heres how I do it

#1) Click Manage Attachments and upload all your attachments

#2) Look at the post decoration icons (the place where you click to make text bold, italic, etc), up above. Next to where it says "Fonts" "Sizes" There is a smily face icon, and a Paperclip Icon. Click on the paperclip and you can insert an attachment into the body of the text anywhere you want!