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Originally Posted by Oldmcst View Post
I just got my 1s Bimmer today!!!! It has Bridgestone Potenza RFT, stock size 225/45/17 on all 4 wheels. It rides like a farm wagon on steel wheels. My question is, will there be any interference if I go to 245/50/17's in a conventional performance tire? I'm more in to comfort that whipping around corners. It appears that they will fit, being one inch in diameter larger than the 225/45/17s.

Any comments will be appreciated.
Congratulations. And yes, RFTs are just like that!!!

Check out this thread and this post. I think it might point in the right direction. Looks like a 245 will fit with the right offsets and right (wider) wheel.

I am not a fan of putting the max with possible tire on a given rim size. The tire will perform poorly, relative to being on the right size wheel, and you're not really gaining much. Track experimentation attests to this. A 245 on a 9" wheel is another world compared to stuffing a 245 on an 8" wheel.

Honestly, if you're not pushing the car to the limit around corners I'd just go with the stock sizes and ditch the RFTs and get Pilot Super Sports which have a softer sidewall (even amongst other tires), are great in rain, quiet and comfortable.

I pretty much run these on 17s 225 front 255 rear on my Z3M and they're wonderful. Sure, I can blast corners faster with 265 square set-up, but I don't need that on public roads. Track? Sure.

Smaller tires are cheaper too, and I think the steering feedback is a bit better, and, less unsprung weight.

Just get a emergency pump and a puncture kit and you're set.