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Originally Posted by MFGJR View Post, funny thread to read (prob not fun to deal with though)!

I was cringing and at the same time waiting on the mouse to shoot out of the cannon :-/. Reminds me of one time in college: There was a guy in my apartment complex that apparently had early classes every day during a winter session. He loved to crank the car and rev it over and over until it warmed up (idle-5-6krpm, no joke)...which isn't good to do anyway, idiot. So one drunken latenight my roommate and I got the bright idea to go stuff potatoes in his exhausts (it was an older prelude, so 4 exits). The next morning I heard it crank, one rev and BOOOOOM!! Potato cannon. Then I didn't hear any revving. I think he was in awe and pulled off. I would have loved to have seen his expression. However, I saw 4 perfect little potato cylinders in the parking lot when I went to class and almost fell on the ground.

BOT, I would side with the valve cover/sparkplug seals. I would take a look again, a lot can happen in a year! It helps to know what things smell like when 'bad things' burn though...They all have pretty distinct smells. Oil, coolant, electrical, brakes, and clutch. Unless your fender liner is rubbing on the tire (melting plastic smell)? GL

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