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Originally Posted by dre99gsx View Post
And to add... I will admit I got complacent at that spot. I wasn't even thinking about countersteering because I assumed the car wouldn't go sideways, ever.

It makes me feel that I need to be aware at all times of losing traction and focus on steering control, NOT just steering in and out of corners. I remember looking far ahead at the apex. When it happened, I shut down and just went for the ride until the car turned 90deg, when I snapped to it and countersteered.

Lesson learned. In retrospect, if I had countered much sooner in anticipation, and kept on the gas, I could have powered through it. I guess....
Even aliens have an off once and awhile. They just make it seem like ho hum, no big deal. This is Ian Stewart, one of our local aliens running at Road Atlanta. A number of cars had offs at T12 and crashed, he just lifted a bit caught it, got it back on the track, adjusted the mirror, and hit it again LOL. I dream of having a feel for a car and quick hands some day.
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