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Originally Posted by dre99gsx View Post
Thanks. I'm lucky. The snap at first felt like mechanical. Later, I realized it was driver error . Felt much better actually after reviewing the video, and discovering exactly what went wrong.

That porsche is 600-700whp cup-spec racecar. Thing is an animal. He was 'taking it easy' for photo opportunities lol. You'll see him in many of my videos as we usually frequent these tracks together lately.
Glad nothing more damaged than pride and grass!
It's surprising how much traction is lost when you're at speed and just hitting a point where the pavement is falling away like where you'd just crested that hill.
Lots of spins for first timers at Daytona at the entry to the bus stop because of that. You're braking hard from high speed and if you're not straight when you cross the point where you transition into the bus stop from the trioval you're going around CCW because there's a dip there and traction drops off significantly for about 50 feet or so.
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