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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
the vote to impeach was quick. they then sat on the articles for a little bit.

the vote to impeach was Dec 18. they didnt send the article to the senate till mid january.

the whistleblower came out in mid sept. so 3 month 'investigation", 1 month trying to get their ducks in a row for the senate.

Shit, the mueller report took longer than 3 months.

They rushed because they needed this to happen prior to campaigns starting the beginning of this year. Cant campaign and claim a victory by impeaching trump, when youre still investigating.
What is the rush? Having the impeachment going on during the current election year would be more damming. Especially as more people testified and they had more evidence. Imagine the bad PR during the debates/cycle. They look significantly weaker after this all came out as a nothing burger. Like everything else the left has tried.

If they really cared or thought they had a chance it would not have been rushed.

Fail fail fail all around for the dems.

Also, Bernie will get fucked by the DNC again and trump will win because Bernie voters know how corrupt the Democrats really are.