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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
Well - and to your point - self funded individuals generally are seen by the public as not being beholden to party and able to act more independently - I've seen it locally and we are seeing it now nationally. But systems are still important - (and I do think they are changing) and the one we have is the one we have, for now anyway, and the rebellious types who get elected still have to work from within the constraints of the system - something this president has struggled with. And of course he has - he kinda answers to nobody - in his mind.

I don't think his intentions were wrong - but his actions I do think we're dangerous for the system we have. Without a system - as everyone reading this knows - you have chaos - and although living within our system can suck - I think most moderates would agree it's better than helter skelter.
The system is broken and chaotic. This is why we are in the shape we are in right now.

Mr. Trump is narcissist, bombastic, uncouth, and lacks impulse control with regard to twitter. He is the most imperfect messenger the people could have sent to the establishment. And he is exactly what they needed.

The very statement, "We can't leave this up to the people for the 2020 election" by either Speaker Pelosi or Mr. Schiff, speaking of Mr. Trump possibly winning again - should send shivers up the spine of every citizen in the country. Further, a prosecution for ANYTHING based on 3rd or 4th hand hearsay, should have us ALL in the streets of Washington. And that is EXACTLY what this is. Anyone saying anything else, regardless of party affiliation, is pretty much a fool.

Sadly, we are all remiss in our duties as citizens on this account.
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