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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Thanks for a reasonable response to this.

I'm not saying that all of the representatives and senators are corrupt. I'm saying the system is and they quite often just get swept along in the tide rather than sticking up their heads and getting decapitated. Look at what happened to the democrat, black, female representative who said, of her own volition that perhaps we should censure Mr. Trump rather than impeach him. In less than 24 hours she recanted her statement and said that she if fully supporting Speaker Pelosi in the impeachment proceedings, etc.

What do you think happened in that 24 hour period? Let me tell you. They put the arm on her and either the DNC called her or the Speaker called her and told her the following or something very similar:

Toe the line or we will not only withhold funds from you for your next campaign, we will run someone against you in YOUR SEAT thus ejecting you from the House.

At this point she stopped representing her constituency and became a party apparatchik. Please keep in mind that this only happens on days that end in Y in the house. They wanted complete obedience in this farce and they got it through blackmail.

This is why I don't lobby and why I've turned down running for office in 3 of the states that I've lived in. I would never put my family through it and could never allow myself to become a political tool.

The biggest issue isnt that every politician is corrupt, its that the corrupt crave the power/money where the others dont typically. and if you arent willing to sell your morals to get more power/money, you are going to get run over.

Craving power/money isnt a bad thing, but its what levels people will stoop to keep it that the good guys just cant compete with
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