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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
First of all thank you for running for office - actually taking action - for positive change - I sincerely commend you. It's a lot harder than most people realize.

Secondly thank you for articulating the goals of our foreign adversaries as it relates to are democracy and I think you may well be 100% correct.

I hope we make it through all of this - coming together - and honestly leading with love, not fear, not greed, but by the better angels of our nature.
dont thank me, i did it for personal reasons lol. wanted something to change, ran on changing that thing, then got to office and found out it was next to impossible lol. There are a lot of rules and regulations that most people dont understand you have to follow and cant just do what you want.

Unfortunately, I dont see us coming together without things getting significantly worse. We are living in a "Hot Take Culture", where people say things just to go viral, even if they dont truly believe them. You do that enough, and eventually, its what you believe in and stand for, and thats where we are getting to.

We are also now an "Us vs Them" culture, where if someone doesnt fall in line with what you believe in, they are the enemy. I have personally seen debates between politicians/citizens with their own party get nasty because of it. Extreme left going after moderate left, extreme right going after moderate right, etc. It is almost like we dont have a 2 party system anymore, its a 4 party. Extremes and moderates of both sides, and no one likes the other.
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