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Mid-Missouri Meet October 20th

Alright fellas... Its that time again!!!! One final car meet before the weather begins to change...

The last two meets in STL were a huge success with lots of people and plenty of great looking cars!!! Im glad I had a chance to put something together for everyone to enjoy. This time were going to try something a bit different at a new location. BBQ like we did at the first meet and a bit more spirited driving on actual twisties

Tentative Agenda:
1. Meet & Greet/Eat @ Cosmos Park / BBQ(~11-3)
2. Photo Shoot
3. Cruise
4. Night out at the bars/clubs

Last Two Meets:

DATE: Saturday, October 20, 2012
LOCATION: Cosmo Park- Dexheimer Shelter
TIME: 11AM---->

1615 Business Loop 70 West
Columbia, Missouri 65202

My intentions are as follows:
-This is something we will work on closer to the meet date.

I currently have a route planned. As having grown up in the area since I was a little child I believe I have a nice route planned, just let me know how long/short you guys would like. I will have printed out routes for everyone come time to leave. We will have this route broken into a few segments to make sure everyone made it through alright. I will need a designated person to bring up the rear at all segments. This may require the use of some 2-way radios. I believe this drive will last 1-2 hours depending on how long you guys would like things to last. More details to follow.

Tentative map for cruise:
http:// 4&msa=0&ll=39.071445%2C-92.322235&spn=0.605583%2C1.668549

As many of you will not be able to make it that is understandable, but for those who will... Let me know if you have any intention on staying the night I can set up a great rate at one of the local hotels. Other than that we just plan on going out to the local bars and having a good time. Since we will be in the heart of Mizzou...just remember you may keep getting older, but they seem to stay the same age :thumbsup2: Should be a GREAT time...

Caravans: STL Group & KC Group???

Attending List
Name//Forum Name/BBQ & Food List

1. Kyle (cosmos///m3- BBQ Coals, Plates, Napkins)
2. Sami (lilsaM3 - Burgers & Buns
3. Randy (RKiepper - Chips, Water)
4. Jay (Xixixi - $$$)
5. Lee (Bullitt544-chips, drinks)
6. Kevin (sly1types - ???)
7. John (jkpgt96 - $$$)
8. Brian (TitaniumSedan - Burgers and buns)
9. Travis T. (needmoretorque - A couple sides: baked beans and cole slaw)
10. Joe (Bogart- ???)
11. Jared (balzak- $$$)
12. Blair (Stlbimmer21- $$$)
13. Greg (HebbNH- case of water)
14. ??? (phipark- Maybe)
15. ??? (THE TECH- Maybe)
16. RKiepper's Friend
17. Ethan (edub370- ???)
18. Caleb (skittles- ???)
19. Adam (wa-gone09- ???)
20. ??? (92tsiawdguy- Maybe)
21. Andy (Andy2108- ???)
22. Roy (M3 the dream- Food/Soda/Cups)
23. Doug (Mousitch- ???)
24. Humza (hum3a- ???)
25. Shawn (OG Kush- Maybe)
26. Kamran Khan
27. Travis Turner
28. Brent Asher
39. Majdee Islam
30. Miralem Kadric
31. Kamran Hussaini
32. Khalid Kamal Alam
33. Greg Hebbeler
34. Daver Harder
35. Alexander Rogers
36. Ali Edm
37. Alexander Guerra
38. Alex Castillo
39. Tim Cowhey
40. David Cruise
41. p0lar- ???
42. HK-E93- ???
43.Corey- (MstrRogers330i-$$$)
44. ???- (M3 the Dream- ???)
45. Patrick- (RoastM- $$$)
46. Hamza(HK-E93 - $$$)
47. Alexander Rodgers (???- ???)

NOTE: If you plan on bringing $$$ instead of food, drink, or other items for the BBQ, I will ask for a set amount of a $5 donation to be fair to those whom are bringing items. I will have a "TIP" jar handy
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