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Originally Posted by Bimmer Nerd View Post
Most watches are coming down in price faster than the stock market.

I just saw a coke for sale for $7900. Those used to catch $9000+ all day long.
Yeah, there has definitely been some downward movement in models over the last 2-3 weeks. I still feel grays are holding out somewhat thinking this all might be over in a month or two and things will be back to normal (in other words, they were getting such crazy prices pre-COVID they may have the luxury to sit on these for a short amount of time to indeed see if pricing goes back up). That being said, I doubt they will hold out longer than that. Others theorize the prices went down when China shut down (because China is Rolex's big market).....but that people feel pricing will go back up shortly since China is starting to get back to normal and they are buying again. Rolex SS is like the stock market.....hard to say if it's at the bottom right now....or ?

I've seen BLNR's go down....Hulks go down....etc. I'm looking to upgrade my 126711 CHNR to the full gold CHNR.....I think I can get that for $3k or so less than I would have been able to a month ago. I may bite.
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