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Originally Posted by LuvMyE92 View Post
My local AD is very polite and apologetic that he can't get me anything that I want. I sold my BLNR earlier this year at a nice profit (I paid MSRP for it a year earlier) and now, since I can't actually obtain a new Sub and I refuse to pay over MSRP for a used watch (!!!!) I bought an Omega Seamaster. Which does everything that a sub can do (i.e. tell time) and at half the price.
Definitely the smart move, IMO. There's nothing in the material world I'm willing to jump through extensive hoops to acquire. Life's too short and frankly, few things are rare enough to warrant such behavior. The again, I bought my explorer II in 2016 for about 10% off MSRP. I have the Rolex I want and have no interest in anything else they sell. So I'm all set. I feel bad for the people currently lusting over Rolex watches, have their money ready, and are still not able to get what they want.