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Originally Posted by UglyBuzzard View Post
Primary is D-end so 255 with foot speed is fine until college. He is still getting taller so bulk is tough. Drinks 1000+ calorie shakes in addition to 2 meals of everything.
Maintaining foot speed is a challenge while bulking, quick weight gain multiplies force applied to underdeveloped tendons/ligaments, which can cumulatively lead to injury/downtime.However, if you are methodical/patient and cycle winter bulk diet and training with a spring maturation and strength training cycle, you cover all the required leg tendon/ligament/muscle structural needs and avoid common injuries such as, Quad/Hamstring tear, ACL/MCL strain/sprain/rupture not to mention the less common but more severe Achilles injuries. Most athletes will experience strains and sprains on a regular basis and just work through them, the scar tissue builds up, aids inflammation and inevitably decreases their performance on the field.

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