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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
He is d-line, that 30lbs doesn't have to be muscle. Not like hes a d-end or some shit. Just pack on the lbs. Honestly if you're talking D1 he's going to have to be bigger then 255.

I'm friends with the Renfrow family. My daughter went to Clemson with Hunter for 3 years and got very close to a lot of them even going on family vacations with them. I have done business with his family's company for longer than I can remember....and currently with our company all the time.

When he walked onto the field as a freshman, you would never guess he would ever play. They added a solid 20 lbs on him throughout the program.

I was talking with his family the other day, and told them now that he's signed....look for the transformation they make with him! He will come out of camp an animal!

Humble kid and it couldn't happen to anyone better.

I know it's tough, but imagine not having to do anything but what someone has laid out for you in regards to diet and training and just following the program.
Everybody has a gameplan....until they get punched in the mouth.