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I know you said no matter how much he eats he doesn't gain weight, but the fact of the matter is he isn't eating enough that's why he's not gaining weight. Add a ton of peanut butter to his diet. Throw it in whenever and wherever you can. If he's currently drinking protein shakes add in globs of it. Eat meals in between his meals, peanut butter jelly's are easy to down. Thankfully I never was dline so didn't have to deal with this issue, but had plenty of buddies in this route. They would be eating during each period of high school. During the summer when they had manual labor jobs like on the farm or multching they would be downing sandwiches every two hours. It's a job, you gotta just keep eating, it becomes exhausting after awhile but you gotta keep eating haha.

You can add creatine in an attempt to add some mass, but if hydration is a concern I wouldn't recommend it. Weight gainers will have a lot of calories, but I recommend getting those calories from actual food. Lots of carbs, lots of protein.

He obviously doesn't need to eat this much but just to give you some ideas;