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Originally Posted by RickFLM4 View Post
When you say non-ACA coverage, presumably you mean less than minimum coverage specified by ACA? Is there a website to identify what is covered or not covered and available healthcare providers?

Although we are generally healthy, wife and I will be 51 next year so not really looking for something designed for younger people who are highly unlikely to incur medical costs. We need insurance in case something unexpected arises. But I can look over information and see if it seems feasible.
Correct. Minimal essential coverage is really just nonsense that the ACA regulation says a plan HAS to cover. Maternity, pre natal, drug/alcohol abuse, mental health, childrens dental and vision as well as pre-existings. Our plans don't force you to take these coverages.

Our plans are completely customizable so while I can give you my agent webpage, they aren't listed online. We have clients from 19-64, so it's not like the plans are designed for young, healthy people. They are there for people to build with coverages they like, want and need while not over insuring themselves.

It seems you've been spending lots of time researching. If you can spare another 15 minutes, Ill show you our plans. IF you don't feel its a good fit, we gave it a good shot at much more affordable coverage. Im guessing you're looking $700-800/mth.

Oh, and its offered on a Cigna PPO network, so the network is nationwide and one of the largest available
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