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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Thanks. Legitimately curious, as my in-laws live out of the country. My wife and I have considered sponsoring them to come live in the USA, but haven't been able to figure out a reasonable cost option for health care, since they won't qualify for medicare.
I haven't forgotten about this...

Unfortuntely, there is no easy way to toggle age when looking at quotes. However, you can get some quotes through insurer web sites or places like to get an idea - there aren't many questions to answer. I wouldn't bother with unless eligible for a subsidy (and I believe you need a social security number that can be validated through a credit bureau).

In our case, I think we are going to renew our existing plan with Florida Blue. The only cheaper plans they offer are in a different network that excludes nearby hospitals and at least one or two of our doctors. I looked into Ambetter but they exclude all our doctors. Molina Health is HMO only (also excluding our doctors). None of Cigna / Humana / Aetna offer plans in Palm Beach County, FL. United Healthcare offers only short-term plans and supplemental plans here.
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