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Originally Posted by usshelena725 View Post
Curious with regards to the marketplace insurance options. Do the rates change based on age and health? Wonder what it would cost for a plan on my in-laws. 73yo and prior heart attack with current breast cancer.

Cause if it's the same - then 1400-1700/mo isn't horrendous.
Not sure. They definitely donít ask about health issues - I believe they canít price based on health.

I see big increases every year, not sure how much is inflation vs. age-adjustments. I do expect older people will pay more since we all consume more healthcare as we age. Itís a time consuming process to analyze every year and I havenít messed around by changing age to see what happens with rates. To do that, I believe you need to start the entire pricing process from the start. I donít think you can just change an age variable while looking at pricing. If I see I can when I get into research, Iíll give it a shot and see how much pricing changes.
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