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I have Florida Blue. $1,400 / mo. scheduled to go up to almost $1,700 / mo. for just my wife and me. High deductible. I need to spend a few hours researching (like I do every year) before deciding whether or not to switch plans yet again this year. Unfortunately, there are few plans from which to choose that have local hospitals and our doctors in the network. We are pretty healthy with no major heath issues but both recently turned 50 so healthcare is becoming more of a focus for us. It is difficult to find doctors we like so it really sucks to have to find new doctors who may be located far away due to changing networks. Yet we are paying an awful lot of money and consuming very little healthcare we don’t pay for anyway due to deductible. We will not go without insurance but the rate of increases is not going to work much longer so whether this year or a future year, I expect we’ll need to change to a different network and / or benefit schedule.

I used to be able to buy a small business plan for a group of 1 before ACA. We figured individual insurance might be easier to buy and be more competitive (wrong on both counts...) and switched over to individual once ACA eliminated the gap for preexisting conditions when going from group to individual. I guess we would have been forced to switch over anyway because I can’t find group of 1 plans any longer.

Best case is my wife goes back to work full time and they offer insurance, at least for her, if not both of us. I can only raise hourly rates so much, but at least expect a lower tax bill to help mitigate part of these costs. We’ll see.

Edit: Also I think the marketplace is useless you get a subsidy. I find plans to compare by going to different insurer web sites, seeing what they offer and compare whatever offerings I can find. Not every insurance plan available appears on the marketplace, at least in FL.
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