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Originally Posted by 3GFX View Post
I'll anxious to see that the brake disc works for you.

I don't think there are any significant change between the 3.0i and 3.0si in the braking department.
The 3.0si gets a larger caliper and rotor from the E46 330 for the front. The rears are the same for the 3.0i and 3.0si.

Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
If the caliper fits the stock rotor, it will also fit the z4m rotor. Offset is the same afaik.
For the 330i there is even an official perforated rotor upgrade which is basically a z4m/m3 rotor but in 325mm dimension (but with the same aluminium hat and thus offset etc):
Needless to say this rotor also fits the z4 3.0si stock setup.

The big problems are at the rear where the z4 has a big offset and the smaller parking brake shoes (160mm), so no other rotor/caliper assemblys work unless heavily modified.
There's also a one piece cross drilled rotor option from the 330 that also fits the 3.0si since the 3.0si front brakes are actually 330 calipers and rotors. Obviously it's heavier than the two piece rotor, but it's also quite a bit cheaper since you can get it from multiple aftermarket sources.
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