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nonM Z4 braking upgrades

Decided to embark on another smaller project: Upgrade the Z4 3.0si brakes. Why?

a) My rotors are completely worn and too thin for comfort
b) I like the BBK look, can't afford it, thus want to improve the look from what I currently have
c) With the additional power from the 2JZ conversion, I'll need some beefier rotors to handle high speed braking during track use
d) I know cooling is essential - will work on that as well

I'm going to keep an eye on brake bias as I make these upgrades.

First, I wanted a more modern look for the front calipers. I like the way these look:

What you see up there is the 335i front stock calipers. Yup, I bought two from the junkyard. Yes, they bolt right up to the 3.0si spindle, and yes, they clear and work right on the 325mmx25mm 3.0si rotor, albeit the pad extends further outward since they are made for the 335i 348mmx30mm rotor.

So, I took a risk and purchased a 335i rotor just for kicks. Nope. Doesn't fit, it hits the steering knuckle. I just ordered the 345x28 ZHP/M3/Z4M front rotors and will see how they fit. My guess is they will fit.

I'll do some weight comparisons, and measure caliper piston diameter/pad dimensions to see how bias will be affected.

Swapping in the 2JZ "made no sense" to purists, and I'm sure upgrading the brakes will "make no sense" to the hardcore track enthusiasts, but the point here is not really about function, but more about aesthetics. And since I need to replace everything anyway, why not