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I'm on lowered on KW V3's. My alignment settings are on the aggressive side, since I also track my car once in a while. Currently running 3.5 degrees camber up front and 2.5 in the back, so I needed 10mm spacers up front in order to clear the front struts. I have minimal rubbing on the plastic fender liner/front bumper junction area, but no big deal. I like the extra contact patch up front and the extra steering response I get with the wider wheels.

My car is Titanium Silver BTW.
Hmmm... I am wondering if I could get away with running less camber up front. I would prefer not to run more then -2.5 in the front. I think I could get away with running a 5mm spacer like another guy on the board that is running 9.5 fronts because my struts are a bit more skinny then the KW v3. Is it the actual wheel that would rub the strut with out the spacer or the tire? When I went to a 255/35/18 from a 245/40/18 R888 I get rid of all my rubbing

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