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First, the front diffuser. There appear to be two options, the VSDC and FRP+Core. What exactly is the FRP+Core? I assume FRP is referring to "Fiber Reinforced Plastic" but what's the "Core"? Any details on the cheaper option would be appreciated. Since it's an under-the-car part, I don't care much for any exotic materials but I would want it to be strong since it is going to be subject to the usual road debris.

Second, the rear diffuser system. I'm still a bit confused. Here's what I think is being offered:

1) Section 1&2 VSDC + VSDC Black >> $1,971.00
2) Section 1&2 Carbon + VSDC Black >> $1,599.00
3) Section 1 VSDC >> $1,459.00
4) Section 1 Carbon >> $1,321.00

Please confirm this is correct. Also, what is the "carbon" option? I thought only VSDC (or VSDC Black in some cases) was offered. Note item #2 above has been edited to indicate that Section 2 is available only in VSDC Black per you previous message. Please confirm.
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