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Originally Posted by tikamak View Post
Guys, I trust sal@evolve and I can assure you that he will not let you down. He understands the mechanics really well and I trust him with my car, he has never let me down, except this one time where he kept forgetting to remove the post cat sensor in my tune , but were cool, we're friends

Just for the record my car is an absolute blast to drive, just today I blew off a C32 AMG with tune by a large margin, it pulls likes you blew some big money on that engine and the guy could not believe that was just a tune that did this much difference. The US s54 comes from factory with a tune that does not let it have a good dynamic compression (salman can explain better) in order to have lesser emissions to suit the US market and automotive regulations. Once your tune done by salman is working, you will see what the S54 can do, I also suggest euro headers as the US headers are killing your engine big time.

I suggest you guys try to give it a little bit of time to adapt, more than 200 miles and your car will change I promise. The mss70 like salman stated is a very delicate DME.
Thanks for the feedback.

I can add to this.

When we tune a Z4M here. When we flash the DME the power drops well below the stock power on the first few runs. The power drops through the entire RPM range.
The ignition advance takes time to make it's way unto the targets set.
How fast this happens will depend on the long term knock adaption.

This is exactly what we get on other cars like the Audi RS4's and sometimes the N54 engines which use the MSD8x series of DME's.

Back to back testing on a dyno sometimes takes quite a few runs to get the correct result.