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Originally Posted by r4gs View Post
track layout has fairly long straights which explains the brake-heavy runs, although the fact tt u did not experience any brake fade (at all?) is surprising.
We had sufficient cool-down periods before each heat. No discernible fade, and I was not 'babying' it either.

Originally Posted by jmillet View Post
Welcome to the world of learning to drive your Coupe the way it was designed to be driven. Mission is a good track but it is flat and short with walls at the exit of just about every turn.
Bring it down to Pacific Raceways on June 10th (BMW Club $195) or June 11th (Porsche Club $200) and get four 30 minute sessions with great instructors on a challenging 2.25 mile road course.
I ran with the Porsche Club yesterday and did 125 miles plus coached two students.
I'm definitely going to join you this summer. The guys had nothing but good things to say about Pacific Raceways (they race there frequently). I'm not back from Maui until the 10th. When is the next session after that Jim?

Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Awesome!!! Another one lost to the track addiction.
When's your next day out?
As soon as humanly possible. Need my fix.

Originally Posted by Shipkiller View Post

Just wait until you start driving with DSC off...

GRM had an article about this stuff. Things happen and they happen fast. He said:

"The reality is that the line between a butt-puckering near-miss and a life-altering event is absolutely razor thin. We put ourselves in a thousand potentially disastrous situations during every lap around the track. Our brains and our bodies are constantly dealing with a flood of sensory input and making decisions and adjustments in real time.
In many ways, that's what makes the sport so appealing. That intense level of physical and mental concentration, much like a "runner's high," is a powerful narcotic that sinks its hooks into our brains from the moment we clip that first perfect apex."
Yah no kidding. I had the best sleep of my life that night. Although I was going through each turn in my head prior to dozing off.

I used to think I was a fast road driver... but you really can't compare it to what happens on the track. Trying to hit each apex and perfect your line... all at the MAX (or whatever your max is for your skill level).

And that sound! I am SO happy I got headers. Rolling from 4K on through the gears has GOT to be one of the sweetest sounds, not to mention how effin fast ur going.

Just plain awesome fun
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