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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
Interestingly, I've driven some über exotics on the track (not the 458, hopefully some day), and how good they make their drivers look is INSANE.

For example, I drove a Gallardo at California Speedway, and also sat with a client in a Gallardo...I couldn't believe some of the stuff that the car is capable of, he was hitting 150mph on the banked straight while BARELY pushing the car and taking an awful line out of the last turn. In my MZ4 Coupe I'd have to be right on top of my game to hit 145mph. I was taking some mental notes and that Gallardo was faster in the hands of a novice than my MZ4 Coupe in the hands of a decent driver through quite a few turns.

The amount of grip, the mid mounted engine providing a shorter moment of inertia, the incredibly low center of gravity, the amount of POWER available all makes these über exotics incredibly easy to drive fast. You don't need much skills to rip out very fast laps.
hahah yeah, I would catch up to the Italia and sometimes pass him via the corners since the driver didn't seem very good, but on the straights he'd completely disgrace me

Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
Great pics, thanks for posting?

how did the lip work for you?
You're welcome! The lip is perfectly fine without the support rods. 13 different locations of secure mounting. Not surprising that it held up

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x6m on track?

neat pics
hahha yeah that X6M was driven by a lady. She paid for an instructor and was haulin' ass on track lolll. I tried to keep my distance from that beast. A few times, she was able to catch up to me, and was pushing hard into corners. I was more worried that her brakes would give out and we'd become Z4X6M sandwich

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The closest I'll be able to drive that track for the foreseeable future is through my PS3. Lucky you.
I love Laguna. It's my home track. Only about an hour or so away from me heheh definitely worth the drive
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