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Sounds like you had a blast. Short of always needing new tires, I love autox and DE's!!

Originally Posted by Skelekitty View Post
LOL!!! It's a girlie expression of excitement. There is a certain amount of irony implied when I use it (as I'm not a girl who ever "squeeed.") I can see why you'd think it was tires though! HA!
I thought it was the sound of aftermarket brake pads. When not on track, that is what the wife's car does. People think she needs brakes, but she can brake better than any of them.

Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
But it's going to be really hard to justify three cars when two will do. Money can go to savings and investments and--wait for it--more track days and associated expenses (R3 equipment, instruction, seat time, tires, brakes, maintenance)!
What do you mean, three cars is nothing. Wait until the two of you have 5 and are looking for a 6th You need an E30 as the classic drivers car, an E36 M3 for autox events, the Coupe for DE's. Oh, and that's just for the wife

Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Guy was jerk but she didn't off or miss the turn. And she was smart enough to come off the track too since she was pissed off about it. No sense in driving when in that state.
Impressive. When I got the point by and then a Vette sped up to not let me pass I just fumed and complained to my instructor. i probably should have come in and cooled down.

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