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Originally Posted by BBri89 View Post
Size, to some extent, equals safety.

They need cars that are big enough for the survival cell to keep the occupant as safe as practically possible. There's no way they can ever be as small as 50s cars.

That doesn't mean they need to be as big as they are now. Alonso doing his laps in the V10 Renault at Abu Dhabi shows how big the cars are these days compared to 15 years ago.

I think narrower & shorter cars would be better, with less aero, more simplistic front & rear wings that cause much less turbulence and "dirty air" for following cars. With wider tyres to up the mechanical grip.
The late 80s turbos for me are still probably the best looking era. Pretty simple aero, tyres as wide as a 4-lane motorway, much less digital electronics, drivers having no real on-track help from the pitfall.

I would like to see the team radio made one-way only, so the driver can tell the pit wall stuff, but not the other way round. If the team want a driver to pit, they have to tell him on his pit board. Perhaps they could trial something like that in a sprint race.
The eighties turbo cars were mega, up to 1500hp in quali I remember Senna leaving black lines on the track giving it full wellie,it was so good then.
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