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So I haven't really updated this thread in a while but theres been some minor changes to the car since the last post.

When we left off the car looked like this:

Then I sold the Vossens and rocked the stockies for a little

Then I picked up these Hamann HM2's which have always been a favorite of mine. Love the way they look but the specs are kind of weak. Still a very classic look though.

Also ended up doing a muffler delete which always sounds great with the 2.5

So other than the wheel changes and typical maintenance that has been about it really since I've been spending money on my beer travels and the gf's bday and best friends bachelor party. But now that those things are just about past I can focus back on the car again.

So as of last night I was refinishing the hamanns and getting the car ready for Wekfest LA and while I decided to go get an xacto knife at the store so I can tint my tails all red this happened...

I pulled into my parking spot (as far away from ppl as possible like always) and then realized it was a little close to a few shopping carts so I backed up to go one spot over and as I was putting the car back in first and letting the clutch out I hear BOOM. I'm guessing the Tahoe that hit me didn't see the Z4 behind the double row of carts and as he went on to the other side of the row to avoid them he clipped me. He managed a broken hub cap I got this...

Turns out he was unlicensed and called his wife to come and she tried to convince me to lie to insurance and say she was driving and that her husband had hit someone earlier in the month and they lied no problem and that everything will be fine...that's when I decided to get the police involved.

Took the car to the shop today and now we're working on getting her back out and better than ever while insurance deals with the police report.

Some other good news (trying to stay positive) is that I've been talking to AirREX about the bag setup I'm running, since I was one of the first to run their setups, and how pleased I am with it however I do wish the rear went lower. So without hesitation I get an email back saying I have new rear bags on the way that they'd like me to test out FOR FREE! Those are expected to be here tomorrow so that will be interesting to see how much lower I can get the rear.

Sorry for the long write up but thats where its at now and stay tuned in the next couple weeks for some updates!
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