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BMW CCA L.A. Chapter 1 Day HPDE @ Auto Club Speedway, 05.03.2013

Registration is FINALLY open (sorry).

What better way to kick off a weekend than to spend a Friday at a premier track?! The L.A. Chapter will be hosting Auto Club Speedway on Friday May 3rd, 2013 on the Roval configuration (Grand Am/Sports Car course). It's a high speed course combined with some very technical turns in the infield, with wild banking (NASCAR turn 2), LONG straight, on and off camber turns, and with the last 4-5 turns leading onto the long front straight as technical as local Southern California tracks come! High speed chicanes, low speed chicanes, combination turns, you name it, this track has it.

A great chance to come out and stretch the legs of your BMW, and where the chassis absolutely shines with its combination of power and handling. An excellent track for beginners, intermediates, and advanced drivers alike! We will be running our usual 4 groups, Advanced (A+), Advanced Intermediate (B), Intermediate (C), and Beginners (D) so you will be sure to run with groups with similar experiences and speed.

Entry fee has been kept to a reasonable $315 for CCA members, $363 for NON members (but includes a 1 year membership). Lunch and all the water you can drink, as well as full day instruction and in-car instructors covered in the fees.

p.s.: Coupes only please. BMW CCA Operations Manual stipulates convertibles MUST pass certain roll safety test in order to participate on track (autocrosses okay).
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