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Car had 4 codes:

1C CVM: switch, convertible top closed, short circuit to ground
1F CVM: switch, cowl panel locked, short circuit to ground
22 CVM: cowl panel unlocked, short circuit to ground
25 CVM: switch, convertible top stowed, short circuit to ground

So this is where it gets odd. He cleared the codes, pulled the top to the full closed position, topped up the fluid..... put the top back down and yeah. Everything works again. So...... what are my thoughts? Surprise. I'm guessing a cycle wasn't complete when un-installing or e-installing or when I reinstalled the position was out or something to trip all those codes. After all those codes being cleared and the top starting from the full down position, all good.

Wish I had a cleaning explanation on this to help other out possibly but I don't know what to say. Maybe someone else can chime in.
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