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Just being up front. I did spend a few hours scouring the internet on this issue and following some advice others have used. No really progress was made.... but just to note that I did try walking down that road.

I think pulling the codes would be the best place to start as well. Except I don't have the right tool to do that. I know someone that does but I'd have to get the car to them and right now it's un-insured and not back on the road from winter storage. But that will be a necessary step if I can get this figured out at home.

I'm trying to logically go through steps that make sense that I can do from home to get to the bottom of this. Right now I just feel like I'm squirreling around checking misc stuff in no logical order.

Incomplete roof operation..... is there a process or a way to deal with this. Can it be reset. I've disconnected the battery overnight and I still get the flashing red immediately. Does the roof have to be fully open or closed to reset this ?

Is there a thread or figure available showing where all the sensors are located? I know of two that I've seen....... the parcel shelf one in the boot and one Hall sensor on the drivers side facing upwards that I believe connects with the fully closed position where the two bolt attachment point is. It's my understanding that there are 5 sensors (?!?!). Two up at the latch point with the top of the windshield, two at the bolt up point drivers side (?) and the parcel shelf.

It's also occurred to me that with the man-handling of the top when taking out and putting back in, electrical wiring may have kinked/broken inside the housing or something similar. I guess I'm going to have to finally figure out how to use that multimeter beyond just checking for resistance to be able to see for continuity ....... if the meter does that. Any tips ?!?!

Also, two other things I wanted to ask about.

Toping up the fluid in the pump in the white-ish cylinder. when I checked mine, it was at the half way point. There doesn't seem to be any marking on this cylinder showing a min or a max. Any words of advice as to what "topped up" is??

Was considering double checking the motor just for shits and giggles. Can I just apply 12volts across the motor leads and see if that will get the top to move and work again? Just want to cross this off the list as it was an original issue that the top would not fully close. It only made it to the half way point and stops screaming in pain.
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