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Flashing red light would indicate incomplete roof operation or electrical/sensor issue. Dealing with this myself... It'd be ideal if you could pull the trouble codes and that should give a clue. ISTA/Inpa would allow you to monitor the convertible sensors to ensure everything is working there.

Allen cranking takes a LOT of turns. Just keep going until you feel it stop somewhat.

Since all you did was replace the headliner I am thinking you maybe disconnected or crimped the wiring that goes to the top latch motor? I would lower the headliner and inspect those 2 connections (1 connection for top latch motor and other connection is for hall sensors which report latch lock/unlocked status). Try fully unlatching the top with the allen key until there is resistance. At this point the computer -should- know to let the hydraulic motor take over and open the roof.

Other suspect could be the hall sensors located on the driver side roof hinge which report the roof open/closed position. Also check connection from the cable to the module behind driver seat trim panel.

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