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Originally Posted by 3002 tii View Post
Just curious which clubs allow harnesses with bucket seats and no roll bar in a vert? If they have a regional chapter near me Iíll have to take a look as thatís the only reason thatís prevented me from going that route.
Maybe we define clubs differently, but there are groups that run lapping days in my region. They allow a convertible without a roll bar, and will allow a 4, 5 or 6 point harness. One of those groups requires a HANS device for any car using a 5 or 6 point harness.

These are pretty informal groups, the most organized would be Hooked on Driving. They have a published policy on convertibles.

Originally Posted by Azeka1 View Post
It's your pads save your money because stock brakes are more than adequate.
I'm not convinced they are adequate, but I will run them again, likely a few times. I'm not too experienced with different pad compounds, and the 4 days I did in the Z4M recently are the most time I have spent with a road car on a race track. However, the design of the very basic brakes and small pads seem out of alignment with other aspects of the car.

In terms of pads, I will likely try some DS1.11. And I need to get used to changing pads regularly (to swap from track / road pads).

So much fun in this car, hoping to get back at it this weekend, but my cooling fan died and I need to get a new one in =/