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The car generally felt great except for the brakes. Good handling and balance, amazing mid-range grunt and top end power from the lovely S54 engine.

My past track experience is 90% with formula cars. I've never driven a street car on a track extensively (a few laps here and there). A single seater formula car brakes *way* differently than a road car hehe. I burned through a set of DS2500 fronts in 2 days. I am not sure what is wrong with my braking setup, but the pedal feel is terrible - long travel, soft through 80% of the travel, then form at the end; not at all confidence inspiring. And it does make heel 'n' toe downshifting much more difficult than it should be because of the radi ally different "bite height" for the brake pedal vs the gas pedal position.

I bought it with 19" CSL knockoffs and some Hankook Ventus tires on the front, and General Tires on the rear. I swapped those out for 18" Apex ARC-8 and Michelin PSS 4 tires in a staggered setup.

I left the DSC on. I will likely try it off once I get more comfortable. I kept forgetting to turn on the Sport button, but that seemed to help with throttle response. One day I will do an ECU hack to have that remember it's setting.

I will find a pic of the camera setup - RAM suction cup mount on the rear console (the part that doesn't open). Very basic. Ran an external mic into the engine bay to get that amazing S54 sound

You can kinda see the mount in this pic:

The 3 point seatbelt is problematic. At these speeds a 4 point harness seems like the only thing that will keep you firmly planted in the seat so you are not over exerting to brace yourself into position.

The Bray Krause or Macht Schnell hardware and a seat swap (likely for the summer / season for me) with a competition seat seems like a good idea, but I would really like to have a 4 point or 6 point harness.

I just can't figure out where to safely mount that shoulder straps? Seems like there are solutions for the lap belts and the ASM straps, but nothing I have seen for the shoulder straps that does not involve a roll cage.

Thanks for the ideas and insights Gents!