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Made some progress over the holiday.

Driver's side speakers are all in, used the new 6.5" in the kick panel, and new tweeter in the door, kept the factory 4" mid in the door as it sounds better. Installed sound deadening material in the area for the 6.5", also made a "gasket" for the back of the 6.5" speaker where it mounted against the body. Have all of the wiring figured out, I'm using most of the stock wiring instead of running new wires. The wire bundle terminated in the battery compartment at the stock amp. This is where I will mount the crossovers in place of the factory amp. I've already bent the amp hold down in a new shape, tomorrow or Friday I will weld up a small frame that attaches to the hold down, will also weld a mount frame for the new amp. The new amp will mount on the driver's side back wall of the trunk, there is already a metal bracket there that holds "digital unit"(my name for it as I don't know the official name, provides the CD changer interface). I am thinking I will add some spacers to it that will protrude through the trunk lining that I can bolt my custom frame to.

I've figured most of the radio wiring out, still need to find the microphone wires for the hands free, although I am considering using the mic that came with the head unit as I think the stock mic sucks(comes from many calls to my wife in her car on the handsfree).

The sub arrived last week and got put with all of the other Christmas boxes, found it yesterday and made sure it fit the custom enclosure. The rings were a little tight but a minute or two with the drill and a drum sander fixed that.

I have pulled the factory subs out from behind the seats, no intention of using them, and the new sub weighs 18lbs so this will help offset the weight gain. They are beefy units, seems like they would produce some fair sound with an amp that drove them harder than the factory amp. I'm going to use the factory sub wires as the signal from the amp to the crossovers.

Today I will pull the driver seat so I can run the RCA's, and finish the passenger side speakers. Will hopefully do a test connect of everything in anticipation of getting it all mounted.

Tomorrow I finish the sub enclosure and hopefully button everything up, may go into Friday though.