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Z4 Roadster audio upgrade

My wife has been very unhappy with the sound system in the Z4 since we bought it in 2009. I had a failed attempt at adding a Dice unit, and now decided to do a rip and replace on the system. I've done a lot of research, and thanks to some great posts I have all of the info I need to proceed. I will document the install as I proceed this coming week.

Here is where I am headed so far, although it's all subject to change(a little)...

1) Alpine CDE-HD138BT head unit
2) Alpine MRX-F65 amp
3) Hertz ESK 163L 3 way component speakers
4) Dayton RSS265HO 10" sub in a custom made box.

My current plan is to run the components off of the front channel of the amp, and bridge the rear channel for the sub. I looked at just building a small box for the sub but didn't like giving up the trunk space so I started building a custom enclosure last night. There are several good internet references, I gleaned some good info from a couple and then jumped in. I spent a couple of hours taping off the area I intend to use, I also paid close attention to filling areas that may keep the box from sliding out. I filled in the floor of the compartment as I couldn't reconcile how I would tilt the box out. I also padded around the taillight cover as there is a pretty good bump in on the outside of it. I laid down a couple of layers of tape, was being really careful as all of the sites warn about getting resin on the carpet, then it dawned on me I don't care as the enclosure will cover it, kept taping anyway. There is a nice amount o space in the side pocket.

All taped up:

I got in a hurry and started glassing before I used any type of mold release, wasn't a big deal but I would use something next time, glassing:

So this morning I rushed out to the garage to pull out the plug, the epoxy resin set up nicely, I tugged on that mother for 45 minutes before it finally decided to turn loose, brought most of the blue tape with it. Spent a fair amount of time building up the glass inside the enclosure, and trimming it.

I removed a good portion of the tape although there is some that will be there permanently. I trimmed up the plug and set about making the mounting rings, Routing MDF is just plain nasty, got the rings made, and mounted and decided I was done for the day:

Tomorrow I trim a little more, then try my hand at using fleece.

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