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I am in NYC today and just spoke with someone very knowledgeable about energy and policy. He said Cuomo’s (gov) no fracking no pipeline policy has resulted in no new nat gas connections for anyone (home or business) in the NYC-LI area. One community, finally on track to gentrify and grow, has been stopped dead in its tracks by the inability to connect gas for heat (and the resultant high cost of electricity for that purpose). This gentleman is all about climate change and moving to renewables, yet mystified by the idiocy of this policy and its outcomes.

We have plenty of nat gas and even more coal at current usage and technology, and ever-improving technology (locating, extracting and consuming) which will allow these fuels to be useful for a very long time (probably hundreds of years). Supply is not a problem. The only problem with these fuels is carbon (CO2) emissions, and not all agree that this is a problem.

In colder climates, like Canada, New England and much of the upper Midwest USA, natural gas is a preferred heating fuel because it is available, low cost and reliable. Electric is reliable but higher cost (and currently fossil dependent). Electric with renewable backing and no fossil is unreliable, and still expensive for heating. Pick your poison.