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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Looks normal to me. I recall checking the light relative to "miles until empty" display and it clocked in at 30 miles remaining.

The fuel tank in the E85 is smaller than most BMWs, ~14 gallons, unlike the E46 at close to 16 gallons. So the tank indicator will be slightly more full when the low fuel indicator is lit on the E85/6 platform vs. the E46 or other higher capacity tanks on cars that get the same relative MPG.

The light is telling your you have about 30 miles remaining, which seems like a standard since VWs and Dodges I've owned use the same miles remaining mark.

Note: I don't know if the indicator is adaptive--that is, does is come on earlier if you've been hammering the gas and dropped MPG down. Something I'll look at next time I'm at the track--I average 5 MPG there!
Ok I was just curious because on my other two BMWs the needle is almost on the empty mark when it lights up. On my E 53 the tank is over 24 gallons. When I took that picture the light had actually been on for a little while. Wow 5 mpg. That would suck but for track time I'm sure it's worth it.