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Originally Posted by TheWatchGuy View Post
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I can't think of any other watch that is as instantly recognizable as the Submariner or any other watch in the class that i would remotely want...

At the bottom of the ladder; you have something like a Tag Heuer (an amazing watch that I also own) that is an awesome value and price. It is my favorite daily watch.

In the middle, you have watches that I like to call halfway watches i.e. Omega, Breitling... these watches are good but to me no better than a Tag for a fraction of the price and not even close to something as instantly classic like a Rolex. I am not sure who these watches are really marketed at; someone that doesn't want something like a TAG but cant afford a ROLEX?

Above that you have Rolex which in my mind stands in a class of its own... Panerai, IWC etc are much less recognizable in this class.

Above that you have AP, Patek... this where you have to be insanely wealthy to own these watches and simply are out of reach for most...

So point being, what alternative to a Rolex does one have where the watch is a similar class, known brand, high quality and classic look...? add to that very solid resale; I can't think of any.
tag tier - swiss watches with standard swiss movements

omega tier - swiss watches mass produced with in house movements and movement innovation (rolex would be in this tier without the rolex name ie. Tudor). PAM, IWC fit this bill as well.

Omega tier but with precious metals - same as above but they use precious metals and bump the price up significantly.

AP/Patek tier - swiss handmade limited supply watches for the most part.

But yes, a rolex sub is one of the most recognizable watches. That is why they can get away with charging a premium on a watch that does the same as their competitors for less. They have built a brand that people are willing to pay a premium for the name only.
being a more realistic member of society... i see watches much more as a piece of jewelry... with that, movements dont matter. Remember the cheapest quartz watch will typically be more accurate than automatic... An apple watch, far more than all of them... its all about branding and marketing; anyone that sees it any other way is at least to an extent lying to themselves. This is not a car that we all actually use to drive us places at various speeds and on various roads.