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Originally Posted by Law View Post
Everything about this development is just shady.

Which begs the question, why would Beijing compromise this position?
The answer to this is pure speculation at this point, but one has to wonder, that given the above motives, why Beijing would take down their own guy.
One possible hypothesis is that Meng, after ascending to the Presidency of Interpol, either refused to do Beijing's bidding, or has some dirt in his personal life or history that makes him vulnerable, and hence, makes the Communist Party vulnerable, or even, that he has dirt on the Communist Party.
Regardless of the details/blanks we have to fill in ourselves, it's safe to assume that somewhere along the line Mr. Meng not only ceased to become a useful asset for Beijing but also that his continued role as Interpol President also ceased to be desirable for Beijing, and hence, his forced "disappearance" and resignation (under duress) with immediate effect.

TL;DR - We can only speculate due to lack of transparency but there was quite possibly a political motive for Beijing to have Meng in the role of Interpol President. Now, for whatever reason, Beijing finds that role has ceased to become useful, and even risky to the regime's security.
Hence, the need to silence him.
Reminds me of Stalin's Red Terror. If I were posted abroad, I don't think I would go back if recalled.
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