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Originally Posted by Law View Post
It's worth noting a major demoralizing factor for the PLA would be the fact that they genuinely believe that killing a Taiwanese [soldier], for example, is akin to killing family, to killing a brother.
They very much still see this situation and any future conflict with Taiwan as part of a bigger Chinese Civil War.

The ROC Armed Forces were very formidable in the past, but the gap is closing in recent years.
While Taiwan does maintain active mandatory conscription, official policy has been that the severity/intensity of training and the duration of said training is being increasingly cut-back/toned-down, a trend that has followed hand-in-hand with the democratization and liberalization of Taiwan society after the end of martial law.

It's become somewhat of a human rights/humanitarian issue where Taiwanese parents have filed complaints and suits against the government for what they perceive as maltreatment of their adolescent children.
The government has responded over the years by moving in a direction where conscription is less intense, and where it was a 2-year mandatory service, it has been gradually reduced for the newer generation (depending on year of birth).
They have even rolled out a program called "Alternative Service" (Chinese: 替代役) which allows conscripts to opt for community/public/volunteer service instead of military training.
In other words, you can now complete your "mandatory conscription" in Taiwan without ever firing a weapon.

To this regard, Taiwan's military discipline and culture, as well as the morale to fight has increasingly waned in recent years, especially since most people are comfortable with a certain quality of life.

Contrast with mainland China, where due to sheer scale of population, they have enough "bumpkins" Real Dodger is talking about that makes it quite an easier task for indoctrination and discipline.

Just food for thought.
It's always interesting to hypothesize this scenario, although I hope it never happens.

Good discussion gentlemen.
I agree for PLA, it would be like "killing your brothers" as said. But with the Chinese nationalist propaganda and the increasing polarization within China itself - it is just a matter of time before they don't see it that way. Just look at the outcry in China over anyone who displays a ROC flag or even mentions Taiwan in public.

And the PLA "bumpkins" who are indoctrinated won't have any knowledge of the real situation nor care. They'll follow orders without thinking. They'll think it'd be glorious to fight for their righteous cause.
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