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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
And your map is inaccurate as to where the Parcells are located . I would go GPS over GLONASS if I were you.........
Not to mention the Soviets being involved in places that according to a map they shouldn't be? About the lamest comeback I've ever seen in the poly/sci thread. Apparently all nations should stick to their own geographical area. If so China, Russia the US and host of other nations have to rent a bunch of U-Hauls.

Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
Most of the Chinese troops will be country bumpkin conscripts, I think. Any reversals for the communists would result in their immediate demoralization and rout, I believe (The "bumpkins" were used in Tiananmen square, to make sure they were well indoctrinated and would have no problem killing the students).
I don't know if I would necessarily say this, but I would say definitely inexperienced. The Chinese obviously haven't fought a major war since Korea and that was right on their land border. Mounting an operation like this isn't something you do out of the blue and it will definitely have it's own problems operationally. Nevermind what the Taiwanese are/will do if that makes sense.