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Originally Posted by v3.2mc View Post
you're welcome. i consider it civic duty.

aetheticstorm has the only sepang/anthracite combo i can think of at the moment. while i really like the look, darker wheels on sepang are spoke-shape specific imo.

examples: aetheticstorm is sporting advans with a very long, narrow straight spoke. also, OE style 219's would look amazing on sepang. the straight spoke genre has a "classiness" to it that transcends only silver. obviously neon green is still a bit much, but speaking in greyscale the overall appearance of a straight spoked wheel is more elegant.

i stress this point because i consider sepang to be an elegant color. the AW, BSM, IB, TiAg, IR crowds can get away with a wider variety of colors on a wider variety of spoke designs. one of my absolute favorite color combos is a bronze wheel on a blue car. a blue wheel on a bronze car though...

the shape of the spoke hints at the purpose of the car and also the intensions of the driver. te37's in any color are proof of the driver's intention/desire to be on a track, with that car, right now. style 224's show the driver's commitment to the car's creators' work in matching function and design. 24" chrome spinnas on a non-hemi, grandma gold chrysler 300 equipped with the rattle trunk pkg... you tell me.

now, i am NOT saying that i think a gunmetal ec7 would look wrong on a sepang car, nor am i dissing anyone who has installed them on their car; i AM saying that i think that gunmetal mesh-style wheels are gorgious, but they don't play to sepang's strength in elegance.

my long-winded .02
To be honest, I am on the fence (and have been for a while) with the gunmetal question. I know many folks like black be honest, I do not like them at all. I was actually briefly considering a Boxster Black Edition in 2011 and asked the dealer if I could get the car without black wheels...couldn't stand them. To me, gunmetal would be a blend of styles and statements but I do have to agree, your wheels look pretty classy!

I bought this M in Nov but had a green metallic 3.0i before that with BMW style 241 wheels. I thought they were classy as hell on that colour...