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I went with VMR 18s for winter and I regret it right after I got got a steal on some 19" that is lighter than my 18s. Sold it right after my 1st hand experience. I feel the weight every single second, so with budget in mind, I would always consider lighter wheels. I do DE once a year if I have time.

With that said, how's your road condition in the area where you drive? I daily my 19s since I don't really need to leave my city 99% of the time. The ride doesn't really affect much 18 vs 19 but the weight does. However, once in a blue moon, that I drove out of my vicinity where roads are not perfect like glass (my city re-pave their road even when it doesn't need re-surface), I wish I have my 18s on. Just avoiding uneven surfaces, not even pot holes, made me not enjoying the ride especially when I'm late for meeting and what not.

I'm currently on OE suspension with pins pulled.

When you're also looking into springs or coilover in the very near future. As a rule of thumb, you should always do your suspension first before your wheels. Unless, in my case, wouldn't do my suspension until the OE craps out. So I get my wheels now and enjoy 2~3 years before I get sick of them and change them according to my suspension choices. The suspension choice will limit your wheel selection. Offset, width, etc. Depending on your budget, do you want to get the wheels and limit your suspension choice or do suspension and get wheels according to you suspension. There are more wheel choices than suspension.

This is more info than you asked for but 19 for street and look as long as the surface you're driving on is always in good condition. 18 is more well-rounded. 19s with lip will look like 18s. If you want your 18s to look bigger, choose the design with concavity with spokes extends all the way to the edge of the rim.

By the way, my VMR were 8.5 ET35 and 9.5 ET 22

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