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Originally Posted by Diokaef View Post
Really appreciate your offer, but you being in the UK make things almost impossible. Still I will give some thought to the idea.

no probs, they offer is however available and real..... more than happy to pay any costs so your not incurring anything, if its something i can help with on the UK side of exhaust sales, you may considerably open up your options, my car is probably of the most modified and well known cars in terms of z4ms in the uk at least.....(its also the only supercharged z4m in the uk currently)

im just wondering if MORE sales can bring the cost down a little, its definitely something i can help with, sooooo many UK owners NOT on this forum are looking for type of option BUT with UK owners they WILL not be the first to do things ;-)

if would could get that Group buy into much bigger numbers it would be nice to see the price drop alittle :-)

if i can get an exhaust system i will run a proper detailed thread from start to finish.... im happy to pay whatever you want.... its an offer you should consider, and if i can drum up numbers my side we could all benefit from a lower unit cost and you make more money..... win win.....
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