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Originally Posted by Shipkiller View Post
Turn four: Patience, Patience, Patience. It is a very late apex turn that will set you up properly for turn 5 is you slowed enough. If you are understeering in four, then you are going too fast.

On the esses,,, learn to manage your throttle by curling/uncurling your toes. 100RPM changes = Small weight transfers fore and aft... At speed through there, you are really loading and unloading your suspension and if you are too abrupt then you can start into a bad situation. Smoothnesssssss.. Thank god there is a lot of run off room.

I absolutely love VIR.
You are right on all points. VIR was actually my FIRST time doing a DE so I was learning/adjusting as much as possible during that weekend. But you're right in that 4 a very late apex but being my first time there, I kept jumping the gun too early - slowing down definitely helps.

On the esses, also totally on point. I was shocked by how I could easily feel the shift in weight so easily. Anticipating the first turn while seeing through the other turns helped tremendously.