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One thing to remember about turn 10 that Frank forgot. If you feel like you are too hot for turn 10 (South Bend), DO NOT TRY TO BE A HERO and save the car. Just drive straight off the track and slow, bending the car back to the left and towards turn 11. There is a whole lot of run off space there. If you try to save it, you will snap the car left and your whole day is done.... 75% of the mishaps on VIR happen there.

On turn Five-'A', keep off that gator.. It does have a tendency above all other gators on the track to grab a wheel and send you into the ARMCO.

One of the premier driving instructors/data acquisition guru's with 11000 laps of VIR will tell you that the average speed around turn 12 (Oak Tree) is 30-39MPH. He is right.. I figured out that for my car the proper speed is 34Mph. Any faster and you are straddling the gator on the exit.

One last thing.

There are way too may distant reference points to talk about. Water towers, power lines etc. remember to use them....

Of all the different tracks I run on, VIR is my favorite.

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