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Thanks Reborn_, this was helpful along with some other guides I found floating around for INPA cables. A few notes as a newbie to BMW coding, though I have a background in tech and coded other manufacturers cars before.

I used this cable. Cheap and no problems.
That said, I did have to bridge pins 7-8. I tried without it and INPA recognized the cable as working and could do some basic diagnostics, but would have an error every time I tried to do any coding with NCS. After bridging no problems. Some BMW cables come with a switch on it, and this should allow you to use it on a E85/86 without having to take it apart and bridge pins. It's fairly obvious what needs to be done once you remove the 4 screws to take the case apart, the pins are marked and there's plenty of room to work. But if you aren't handy with a soldering iron, maybe buy the cable with the switch instead. I saw a bunch on amazon as well.

I ended up using the drivers that came on the provided dvd, which admittedly looked sketchy. Worked fine on my Win7 laptop, followed steps to assign to COM1 and latency as described here. Used Mike's BMW tools package instead of the bimmergeeks one, the guided msi install was very easy.
I found this video helpful for running through the NCS software interface:

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