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Originally Posted by Reborn_ View Post
so I'm not sure why you are worried about me suggesting a more expensive cable.
Because you're scaremongering.
What you know about non functioning cables is all from heresay. You've never actually seen one or investigated one in person to see what the actual issue was (I dont know how far your knowledge goes in electronics).
On what you spend your personal money I couldnt care less. So its not what you've bought, but what you're saying.

I for one have to see a truly broken inpa cable where software wasn't _verified_ the issue (mostly the reports are like " the guys from ***whatever reseller*** send me a good cable and helped me through the install".....then you immediately know it was the latter....)

The only issue there was, was from ftdi themselves. They released on purpose a hacked driver a while ago that killed counterfit ftdi chips (actually that even wasnt the first time ftdi did stuff like that). And all these cables (yes, also those from bimmer software) contain counterfeit ftdi chips. They all come from the same chinese manufacturers.
If you're into that scene you know that was a pretty big scandal. It was all over EEVblog etc.
So yes, if you installed that particular driver in the past, your cable may not function anymore.
And I guess the only real reason to buy an expensive cable (a brand cable) is if you get one with a certified ftdi chip (I guess you have to inquire for that at ftdi themselves as counterfits are everywher) to make sure you don't get to be a victim of their guerilla driver policy.
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